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Vendor Spotlight: Living One Handed

A first-time vendor setting up at the Madison Card Show on May 22 at the Madison Sheraton Hotel will be Ryan Haack.

The first baseball cards Ryan Haack remembers buying were in 1987. “I was 10-years old and my dad took me to a Madison Muskies game. We bought a rack pack of ’87 Topps and I’ll never forget seeing that wooden border peeking through the cellophane,” Haack says.

Haack, a born-and-raised Madisonian, has been in the hobby for 30+ years. With the recent resurgence in collecting, he’s gotten more involved again. “There are similarities to when I was a kid, but it’s really a whole new world when it comes to card collecting now!” he says. This will be Haack’s first ever table at a card show, which brings with it some nervousness, but mostly excitement.

In addition to a vast array of affordable baseball, football and basketball cards, Haack will feature his children’s book, “Different Is Awesome!”

This fun, colorful and important book is based on a true story of when Ryan, who was born with one hand, was taken to school by his little brother for show-and-tell! As his little brother’s classmates ask him questions about how he does things like play baseball, the reader realizes that we’re all different in some way or another and it’s those differences that make us awesome. Endorsed by Haack’s childhood-hero-turned-friend, Jim Abbott, “Different Is Awesome!” is perfect for every family, classroom, library and waiting room! Make sure to stop by and grab a signed copy (which will include a VERY special gift, while supplies last)! 

Haack is also an established public speaker, so if you’re looking to bring someone into your business or school, make sure to ask him about it. For more about Haack’s story, visit

Author of the children’s book, Different Is Awesome!
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Beau Thompson is co-promoter of the Madison Card Show. Email: Phone: (309) 945-8986

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